Someone who is planning a trip likes to know beforehand what to expect. Our Trusted Reviews help you in making the right booking decision. With our reviews you find the best hotel for your dream holidays or the next business trip. Moreover, you can read about other travellers’ experiences with their flights.

What is special about Trusted Reviews: these reviews are only from guests who veritably travelled. Only travellers who stayed at a certain hotel are able to rate this hotel afterwards.

After returning from the trip, the travellers receive an individually generated questionnaire from their travel portal. Thus, it is guaranteed that only authentic reviews are collected. Currently, more than 1.75 million up-to-date reviews of hotels and flights are available.

Trusted Reviews means 100% real customer opinions. Benefit from the experiences and from the authentic flight and hotel reviews of our guests.

More than 1.75 mio

100% real! We only show hotel and flight reviews by guests who really travelled.

More than 300,000
guest photos

Authentic and unadorned. Travellers tell you their experiences.

More than 39,000
reviewed hotels

Like that 98% of all booked hotels in the German speaking travel market are part of our database.

This site is operated by Amadeus Leisure IT GmbH. Amadeus develops software solutions for travel distribution on the internet and in travel agencies. Each year, millions of customers use the proven consultation and booking solutions to book their dream holidays.

The Amadeus IT Group SA provides simple access to comprehensive travel information from the extensive Amadeus range of travel products. It is our aim to empower travellers with all the information they need to make travel planning simple.

To ensure that booking decisions meet the personal requirements sufficiently we provide travellers with all the necessary information based on our "Trusted Reviews". "Trusted Reviews" - reviews only from guests who veritably travelled.

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, including travel providers (e.g. airlines, rail and ferry operators, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and travel management companies). Amadeus is the largest transaction processor in travel, serving more than 190 countries. The Amadeus system gives travel agents access to the widest choice of travel providers, including 95% of the world’s scheduled airline seats.